11 Août 2018 à 17h07 - 298

How Koddos can help your business go forward

When you build up a society online, you have to be serious of all things inside. The real matter is that we need more time to control the virus on the net. That’s why, we have to choose a strong and a profitable server.

How about KoDDos?

There are so many home lines society offshore who take care of your website. But you have to be in time and make a little comparison of those products on the market. To take care of your business, there are so many things that you have to looking for. First of all, you have to make sure that your client is to be able to subscribe, not just visiting. There is some speed test that you use to manage your feeds. You have to choose a server which gives you the possibility to explore more option on the net. In that philosophy, you can have a speed loading to your pages, more liberty to use pictures, and even a weight video. With, you have also the privilege to control your panel and You will be proud with to set our website as well as we need it.

KoDDos can help you against DDoS attack

This is the famous problem of all our website nowadays. The solution is so simple, just blocked all clients who doesn’t have a pass to enter on your server. They have a system to control all of your traffic and even it is hard to select a legitimate one, there are some test that they obliged all visitors to do. A KoDDos deposit is placed between your server and the clients, and your society will have just a real client, not a simple visitor. There are many options on this hosting society. It is for a reseller and for rent. The card is in a new lever with 30Gbit, about 20 million of visibility around the world; 20.000Go of bandwidth and all ports, you have a free IP, and only 50 dollars as fees.

This kit is for 140 dollars in a month, and you can see that there is so many reasons to adopt this hosting server.


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